ESWT-Shockwave Treatment


ESWT Shockwave treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most effective treatment in the world. Aside from penile implants and lifestyle changes, techniques that include medication and injections represent on-demand treatment options. Shockwave therapy is the strongest alternative.Inadequate blood supply to the penis is a common underlying cause of ED, known as vasculogenic ED. Shockwave therapy may work best for people with this condition, as experts believe it increases blood supply.Anesthesia is not needed for ESWT and there are no pain involved in the process.

ESWT-ShockWave ESWT-ShockWave


How does Eswt-shockwave treatment work?

Shockwave therapy is administered with a wand-like device placed near different areas of the penis. A healthcare provider moves the device along parts of your penis for about 15 minutes while it emits gentle pulses. No anesthesia is needed.The pulses trigger improved blood flow and tissue remodeling in the penis. Both of these changes can lead to erections sufficient for sex.The study results shows that ESWT caused a significant improvement in erection quality in people with and without additional medication.

Risks and side effects of ESWT Shockwave Treatment

There are no recorded side effects or the risk of the ESWT treatment although it might cause brusing around penile skin.


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Treatment contains counseling as well as use of advanced machinery.




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"I have been so happy with my treatment, it ended with a success from transfer to hotel and during the time have spent, my experience has been great ."
I have been diagnosed with ED for some time and I have tried varios options which did not work out due to my age. Upon that team has decided best to choose surgery option. I have been using the penil implant for 1 and half years. So far I am happy with my treatment. Thank you team. ( Translated from German )
I have used Cialis in the past in order to get firm erection. after sometime it didnt help. My doctor advised me to use ESWT technology. It was quite costly in Germany so I decided to get treated in Turkey also I always wanted to see Istanbul. I had few ESWT sessions and one G-shot session. It was all done in a week. I dont know which treatment worked but I can finally get firm erection without pills. ( Translated from German)
April 2024
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